Originally from New York City and raised in a artistic family, Emma had the advantage of creative discovery at a young age.


Over the years, she has trained extensively in theater and film with exposure to multiple schools of acting. With the asset of dual citizenship, Emma graduated from a highly competitive international school prior to attending performing arts school in Canada. 


Along with her acting work in independent theater, film and major motion pictures, she has also worked off script in developing various projects with fellow professionals. With a strong sense of aesthetic design and idea development, Emma has contributed to the advancement of creative companies and individuals alike. Design for marketing, content writing, social media management, creative direction and producing are some of the roles that Emma has fulfilled with great enjoyment and success.


She has applied these skills to a web series, corporate videos, original online entertainment, production design, and artist management. Gaining this versatile experience has allowed Emma to truly expand her knowledge and professional responsibilities in the arts.


Now residing in Los Angeles, Emma Cavalier is focused on endeavors that demonstrate her artistic expression, independence and natural intuition as an actress.

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